RE Opportunity Fund

Established: 2015

Focus: Real Estate & Select Secured Assets

Objective: Alternative investment diversification, income and capital preservation

Size: Up to $50M

The Real Estate Opportunity Fund offers accredited investors the opportunity to achieve market-rate or better returns from opportunistic investments in real estate and other select assets. The Fund will extend credit on and invest in all types of real estate assets located throughout the western United States, and will develop, operate and manage real estate assets. The Fund may invest a limited amount of its capital in other asset-secured opportunities. The Fund is seeking up to $50 million in capital commitments from investors.

The Fund will pursue opportunities that are consistent with its fundamental investment philosophy that attractive risk-adjusted returns can be achieved by utilizing real estate and capital market expertise, a highly disciplined investment process, and depth of knowledge of the geographic target market.

The Fund's Sponsor and Manager have assembled a management and advisory team that collectively has over 75 years of practical real estate and finance experience, developed through all stages of the real estate cycle. The Manager will adhere to the Sponsor's investment strategy, with emphasis on: identifying and acquiring undervalued assets; focusing on portfolio diversification by asset type; prudently leveraging capital structures; applying the Sponsor's rigorous due diligence and selection guidelines; and closely managing assets utilizing the Sponsor's existing capabilities.

The Fund might also engage in select development and redevelopment opportunities, where market conditions support such investments.


Track Record

Centerra Capital and Centerra Properties have acquired and managed many high profile properties in the Central Valley. The company has also engaged in several major advisory and brokerage transactions. The team has decades of experience in business and real estate in the local area, allowing the client to obtain the highest quality of service.  


Fifteen 24 McHenry Ave, Modesto, CA

$22M Acquisition / $13.5M Financing / Management
132,000 - sf MOB & Retail


4712 Stoddard Rd, Modesto, CA

$4M Acquisition / Repositioning / Management
57,000 - sf MOB & Retail


4701 Stoddard Rd, Modesto, CA

$4.6M Acquisition / Repositioning / $21.5M Sale
100,000 - sf Industrial & Office


1324 Coldwell Ave, Modesto, CA

$3M Acquisition / Repositioning
109,000 - sf Industrial


1444 Florida Ave, Modesto, CA

$1.75M Acquisition
16,316 - sf MOB


A&M Industries - Modesto Industrial Portfolio

$8.5M List Price
182,000 - sf Industrial